About us

British made since 1963

Our Products

The business has also grown over the years in many exciting ways.

We continue to invest in additional production lines to ensure that we can always meet our customers’ growth. Our factory counts 7 efficient production lines, that were designed to produce high quality product – in volume – at competitive price.

Walkers Chocolates is manufacturing a wide range of chocolate and confectionery products including filled chocolates, truffles, moulded chocolates, chocolate bars,
Easter eggs and speckled eggs, mint imperials. We manufacture and supply chocolate products for some of the UK’s biggest retailers, as well as clients in 15 countries worldwide.

At Walkers Chocolates we are Category and Trend focussed – we develop Private Label and Branded product that is relevant to our shoppers.

Our Story

Our story began in 1963 as independent family chocolate makers based in Birmingham.

Walkers Chocolates factory was established in 1977 as one of the few privately owned, confectionery manufacturers in the UK.

During 1999 a new factory was a purpose built to meet the quality, efficiency and technical demands of our customers.

In 2020, we became part of EP Group shareholders and committed to ensure that our high standards of efficiency are maintained through constant upgrading to take advantage of new technology and procedures.

Thanks to the continued investment into the company, we were able to substantially increase our capacity further.

We believe, passionately, in investing in our colleagues to ensure that we have the most talented people working to develop your business.

Our Mission

is to manufacture consistently high-quality products with a high level of commitment to partnership customers.

Our Vision

is to become a significant, independent, sustainable, worldwide business.

Our Values

are based on constant investment and improvements in our team, process, quality, capacity and capability.