Walkers offer a range of bars available as block, inclusion and filled across a variety of flavours

Walkers Chocolate Mint Cream Bar

Introducing the Walkers Chocolates Mint Cream Bar, a delectable treat that combines the smoothness of rich chocolate with the refreshing taste of mint. This indulgent bar offers a perfect balance of flavors, creating a delightful experience for mint and chocolate enthusiasts alike.

Walkers Chocolate Turkish Delight Bar

Introducing the Walkers Chocolates Turkish Delight Bar, a decadent delight that combines the rich taste of chocolate with the exotic flavors of Turkish delight. This bar offers a unique and indulgent experience, bringing together two beloved treats in one exquisite creation.

Our Capabilities

At Walkers Chocolates, we take pride in our exceptional capability to craft any chocolate flavor you desire, all elegantly packaged to your liking. Create a truly personalised chocolate experience, and savor the sweet moments with our bespoke creations.